Difference Between Pre-workout Supplements And BCAAs

As a trainer people come up to me and ask the difference between the pre-workout and BCAA. Some old lifters might know the difference but a newbie in this field might feel confused in the world of false marketing and advertisement.

So, I thought there may be many confused souls out there and they may be looking for the answer to this question. Why not write a full detailed comparison of the pre-workout and BCAA so, not get confused. So, here I am writing a detailed comparison about this thing but first you have to know what is pre-workout and what is BCAA?


bcaas supplementBCAA is the abbreviation of branched-chain amino acids. Your body can’t produce these proteins so, you have to take them from your daily meal. They are very compulsory for your body. The BCAAs have the three compulsory acids for your body which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. If the needed value of these BCAA’s is not filled with your food then you have to take it from the supplements.

These amino acids are the fibers or proteins that are responsible to repair your body. When you are doing hardcore exercise then you might feel cramps on your biceps or anywhere in your body so, these amino acids try to repair that part of your body.

This is not only this benefit of the BCAA but there are many other benefits like some people use these supplements for weight loss because they speed up the fat-burning process. They also help to control the blood and sugar levels of your body.

You should take the BCAAs after the end of your training session but some athletes or weight lifters take these supplements before a workout and after the workout so, they can get the maximum benefit out of it.

If you are a healthy woman then you should take 9g of BCAAs per day and for men, the recommended dosage is 12g. There are no severe side effects of the overdose of BCAAs but you should always prevent it and should take the recommended amount of supplements. The BCAA can cause headaches and nausea in some peoples.

BCAAs Pros & Cons:

  • It repairs the damaged muscle of your body
  • It is used for the lean muscle growth
  • It is very helpful in weight loss
  • It controls your blood sugar levels
  • Increases endurance and give strength to your body
  • The valine protein reduces fatigue during the workout.
  • The overdose of the BCCAs can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.



Pre-Workouts supplementPre-work-out is known as the energy booster in the gym lovers and they use this supplement to increase their stamina to spend more time in the gym. There are some ingredients in the pre-workouts that help the person to stay focused and get the desired results in minimum time.

Trainers mostly recommend these to those athletes who want to get the maximum benefit from their training sessions. Creatine and caffeine are the most common ingredients of the pre-workouts that help the athlete to reach his maximum potential.

Pre-workouts are known for their energy boost that they give to the person so, he can lift more weight.

The pre-workouts are generally taken before the workout and you should take them at least 20mins to 30mins before starting the workout. According to the researches, a normal person should consume 200mg of caffeine per day so, don’t cross this limit. Some people think that by overdose they can get benefits faster but the reality is that overdose can cause some serious damages.

The same goes with the creatine recommended amount by the trainers are 1 to 2 mg grams so, you should always stick to the recommended value because the excess of everything is bad.

Many myths are connected with the pre-workouts and most people came and talk to me about the side effects of the supplements. There are mostly some allergic reactions that happen to most people because they are allergic to some ingredient. But mostly there is no severe level of side effects of pre-workouts. It may cause diarrhea, headache, or insomnia if you take it at night.

Pre-Workouts Pros & Cons:

  • It boosts the energy of the athletes.
  • It helps to lift more weight.
  • Increase endurance and stamina
  • Improves your focus so, you can concentrate on your workout
  • There are also some fat-burning ingredients in it.
  • It can cause Diarrhea and headaches to some people.
  • If you take it at night you may suffer from insomnia.


Now you know that what are pre-workouts and what are BCAA’s let’s find out the difference between them.

Pre-workout VS BCAAs Compression Chart:





The pre-workouts are usually contained two important ingredients that are called caffeine and creatine. They both are energy boosters and you can also take caffeine through your daily coffee. These things improve the stamina and endurance of the athlete and increase their focus so, they can perform better.

The BCAAs are the essential protein that is compulsory for our body but cannot produce it. The ingredients in the BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The amino acids repair all the damages that are caused by your hardcore workout sessions. They also help to control the blood and sugar levels of your body.


The pre-workouts usually come in a powder shape and you can consume them by mixing them in the water. The pre-workouts are usually taken before 20 to 30 mins before the workout.

There is no fixed time of the consumption of the BCAAs. Many athletes take them before or after their workout. You can also take them during your workout sessions. They also come in the shape of powder and to consume it you have to mix with the water.


The ultimate goal of the pre-workouts is to boost your energy levels and gives you that strength so, you can lift more weights. It also improves your focus and endurance level. The pre-workouts help you in your weight loss journey.

The primary goal of the BCAA supplements is to repair your damaged muscles during hard workout sessions. Most of the time when you lose weight you also lose the muscles but BCAA stops the muscle loss in your weight loss journey. The BCAA supplements are not going to make you super bulky but they are used for lean muscle growth.

Side effects

There are not some serious types of side effects of pre-workouts but there are some side effects. People usually start to feel energy cash after some time of consuming these pre-workouts. Many people say that they feel jitters or headaches when they don’t take it for some time.

If you took it after 7 or 8 in the evening then it may cause some sleeping problems because they have ingredients that alert the mind.

The BCAA supplements are mostly considered safe by the trainers and people got good results after double dose daily but when they increase their dosage three or four times a day then they will feel some signs that this is not good. They will feel headaches, jitters, and maybe nausea sometimes. so, don’t take an overdose of BCAA supplements.



We are not here to tell you that should you take the pre-workout or the BCAAs. We have told you all the benefits of the BCAAs and pre-workouts so you can select the best one according to your needs. If you want to gain some energy before the workout session so, you can perform better than the pre-workouts are for you.

But if you want to gain muscles or reduce the fatigue of the workout then you should go for the BCAAs.

So, always try to select the well-reputed brand and carefully read all the ingredients that are included either you are choosing pre-workout or the BCAAs.


Is BCAA the same as pre-workout?
No, BCAA and the pre-workouts are not the same. Pre-workouts normally use to boost energy and while the BCAA is used for the recovery of the damaged tissues of your muscles.
Does BCAA build muscle faster?
Yes, people use the BCAAs to build muscle faster and they have some essential amino acids which use for the growth of muscles. BCAAs also help to lose weight without losing muscle mass.
Should I take BCAA or amino acids?
Branched-chain amino acids are the essential acids for your body that your body can’t produce. If you are into muscle growth or in fitness normally you should try BCAAs because they help to recover those cramps which you get after your intense session of workout.
Is pre-workout bad for you?
Many people say about the benefits of the pre-workouts but the experts say that they are not needed for your physical growth. However, if you are using the pre-workouts make sure you read their ingredients carefully. Only use the pre-workouts that are made by some well-reputed brands.
Why is C4 banned?
The C4 is banned due to an ingredient which is called Synephrine HCL. This is an adrenergic stimulator that may give an athlete some benefit as compared to their opponent.

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