Neuriva Review And Types – Is it useful or not?

Neiva is a supplement that most people use to improve brain functioning. There are some other nutritional benefits because it is made of Schiff Vitamins. The people who have problems with their memory or who want to improve their focus use this supplement.

Do many clinical types of research show that they are very helpful to improve your brain functioning but is it work? Because most of the people were confused so, we decided to why not write a very detailed review about this Neuriva supplement that will end all the confusions of the people.


Before going further in this detail many people don’t know about the Neuriva so, we will tell them that what is Neuriva? This product was launched by Reckitt Benckiser in the spring of 2019. It is a multinational English company which manufactures products related to human health and nutrition productions.

The scientists of the RB claim that it works very well to improve brain functioning in humans and there are many studies backed by this research. All the ingredients that are in these supplements are tested and approved by the scientist for the use of humans.


There are five main features or benefits of this brain supplement Neuriva for which most people use or can use this product and those five things are memory, concentration, accuracy, focus, and learning. These are some things that you can improve by using this supplement.

But some people are not able to analyze that if their brain is improving or not because they don’t have to capability but there is an app of Neuriva which is called the Neuriva Brain Gym app. This app helps you to assess your brain functioning according to the improvement of your brain.

There are 14 games and five training programs in the app that improves the functioning of your brain. The best thing is that the app gives you the score according to your performance so, you can easily track that by using the supplement your performance is improving or not.

This is a plant-based product that is free from gluten and all the other harmful components of the human body. The team of Reckitt Benckiser is consists of many top-notch expert nutritionists and many other doctors that make sure that the product that reaches you is very friendly for your health.


When you are using some supplements then you should know that they are directly interlinked with your health and your one mistake can be very dangerous so, before use, you should know what ingredients the product has and are they beneficial for your health. Some products have ingredients from which you are allergic so, that is why check the list of ingredients in the product.

If we talk about this product then there are two main ingredients of this product and those ingredients are:

  • Coffee fruit extract
  • Phosphatidylserine 

Coffee Fruit extract

Coffee is a very good thing to give your brain energy to work for the whole day. The coffee fruit extract is also very beneficial for the functioning of your brain. There is a chemical in the brain that gives makes your brain sharp and attentive which is called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

But there are many reasons because of which the product of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor is decreased so, at that time the coffee fruit extract helps to increase the production of the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. The reason for the decline in the production of the BDNF is getting older in age, isolation, stress, and sugar. These are the somethings that block the BDNF.

The Brain-derived Neurotrophic factor is responsible for the production of new neuron cells in your brain and it also strengthens the existing cells in your brain that give your brain great power and focus. You might think that what are the benefits of the increase in BDNF in your brain so, these are the benefits:

  • It helps to improve your sleep quality which is a very important thing for the productive part of your brain and your sleeping cycles can affect your brain severely.
  • If you are someone who is dealing with depression then the best thing about this supplement is that it improves your brain functioning.
  • This supplement is very effective for people who are on the way to weight loss and can help you to lose weight faster.
  • This supplement can also protect you from many diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

These are some of the benefits of the increase of BDNF in your brain. There are some things like Coffee, green tea, blueberries, and dark chocolate that have the anti-oxidants they help you to increase the BDNF in your brain and if we talk about some studies then some scientist suggests that if you just take 100 mg of the coffee fruit extract than it could increase the 140% production of the BDNF.


Now we have talked a lot about the coffee fruit extract and what are the benefits it on your brain but the second important ingredient of the Neuriva is phosphatidylserine. This chemical is very important and it is in the brain cells. If we talk specifically then this chemical is used for the treatment of memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you have mild cognitive impairment then it is very helpful for its treatment and there are many neuro experts and clinical researchers that prove that it is quite effective in this disease. The chemical is responsible for the messages that transfer to your brain cells.

If you are a person who has memory issues, mood swing issues and you can’t concentrate on your work then by using the Phosphatidylserine you can improve that thing and there is an app by Neuriva which helps you to track your improvement and there are many people that have seen the improvement by using this supplement for few days.

If we talk about the amount of these things per serving then one serving of Neuriva has 100 mg of coffee fruit extract and Phosphatidylserine of 100 mg.


This supplement is available in three types which are for some different use and those three types are these

Neuriva Brain Performance Original

Neuriva Brain Performance Original

If we say that this is the basic or main type o supplement then it would not be wrong and there are many brain benefits of this type and it contains coffee fruit extract and phosphatidylserine which are the main ingredients in the Neuriva.


This is the same formula as the original one but this is for the people who don’t like to eat the capsules and for them the brand made gummies so, they can enjoy the flavor and also improves their brain functioning.

Neuriva Plus

It is another type of Neuriva in which they have some additional things like Vitamin B and Folic acid with the coffee fruit extract and phosphatidylserine. These additional things have some other extra benefits for the human brain and body too.

Neuriva Plus

How to use

You might want to know that what is the best time for you to work on this supplement according to experts the best time to take this supplement is at night before going to bed. It is a capsule that you can easily take with the water and it is very effective for your brain.

There are some people that are not very consistent about the brain doses they take one capsule and then take the other after few days but we recommend you to take them consistently because then you can track that if it’s working for you or not.

We would suggest that there is an app which is also very helpful in tracking your brain functioning you can play brain games and have five different training programs. In brain games, you got scores that help you to analyze that is the supplement helping you in improvements or not.

Side effects

We tried to find the side effects of this brain supplement but after the strict research we can’t find the severe side effects of these supplements but there are some side effects that you can face when you start using it or you take some overdoses of the supplement and that are digestive issues and sleeping issues.

The ingredient in this product is mostly safe but if you have any allergy to its ingredients then you should not use it and if you are using some other medicines then some studies say that Phosphatidylserine can collab with them and have some side effects but nothing too serious was caught in the eyes.

When you are planning to use the Neuriva supplement we would recommend you to talk to your doctor first because he knows your history and what suits you and what not this way you can eliminate all the chances of the side effects from this supplement. Don’t use this medicine because someone in your family is getting benefits from it because everyone is unique and has a different medical history.

What do people say about it? 

I was very curious about it because it is a very good product for your brain and I wanted to know that how people react to this supplement to my curiosity I went on the different e-commerce platforms where this supplement was selling and then read the reviews in detail that people are saying about this product.

If we talk generally then there are thousands of positive reviews about this supplement and people like this product it gives them what they needed from this product but if you want to know that what are the specific things that people say it affects.

The people were saying that it helps them to improve their eyesight, mental sharpness, improves their energy level, helps to improve the focus and learn quickly and it also helps you that how you can deal with the stress more positively.

Like with every other product it has also some bad reviews some people that we’re saying that this product was useless for them but if we look at the ratio of positive and negative reviews then 90% of reviews were positive and only 10% were negative.

  • It improves your memory
  • It is also very helpful in the eyesight enhancement
  • It makes your mind sharper than ever before
  • It gives you the ability to focus on important things
  • It also boosts your energy levels
  • It is also very good for dealing with the stress
  • There is an app that can track your improvements through brain games.
  • It is a natural plant-based supplement for your brain
  • Don’t take it in the nighttime because it can interfere with your sleeping cycles
  • Some people say that they didn’t have any effect on this supplement.


If you are planning to use this brain supplement but confused about its authentication then you should know that it is very effective and there are many clinical types of research that prove that it is very beneficial for your brain. It will stimulate the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which is producing new brain cells and also strengthen the existing ones.

Neiva is one of the best supplement in the market for improving brain functioning it also gives you access to an app that has 12 brain games which will help you to improve and track your improvement.  The ingredients in this supplement are mostly safe and sound but you should consult your doctor before use because it might have some side effects when you use it with your existing medicines.


Is Neuriva any good?
Yes, Neuriva is a very good supplement to improve your brain functioning like it helps to improve your memory, sleep cycles, and some other things too. There are many positive reviews about this product on Amazon and other platforms too and there are many people that say it helps them to improve memory, eyesight, and many other brain problems.
What are the side effects of taking Neuriva?
There are not any severe side effects of taking neuriva and it is mostly considered a very safe supplement but there are some normal side effects like digestive issues and sleeping problems if you overdose on this supplement otherwise everything is fine. If you are using some other medicines then consult your doctor before use because it might interact with that medicine and cause problems.
Can I take Neuriva in the morning?
Yes, the Neuriva has the coffee fruit extract that has the caffeine that makes your brain attentive so, taking it in the morning time would be a good idea and many reviewers say they take it at bedtime and after that, they had problems in sleeping. So, by looking at all these things it would be a good option to take these supplements in the morning time.
What are the benefits of Neuriva?
There are many benefits of the Neuriva which is very good for the brain if we talk about the benefits that are the most common and people tell them in their reviews then those benefits are it improves their memory functioning, gives you a boost in productive learning, improve your focus and accuracy. There are many other benefits of the Neuriva but these are the very common ones.
Should I take Neuriva at bedtime?
Yes, you can take the Neuriva at bedtime and it is recommended to take it at bedtime but some people in reviews suggest that don’t take it in the night but take it in the morning because it has the coffee fruit extract which is full of caffeine and can cause a good amount of energy so, how will you sleep with that much energy so, take this supplement at morning time when you need your full energy and it is the most useful time of the day.


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