6 Best Dopamine Supplements Review – In [2021]

Dopamine is the one most important chemical of the human mind and it is responsible for your mood and energy. It is very good for your overall health but there are some people who have a deficiency of dopamine so, some doctors recommend them to take these dopamine supplements to fulfill their deficiency.

But there are multiple brands that manufacture the supplements to fulfill the deficiency of the human brain but you might be confused that how would you select from these which one is best for you so, don’t worry we have done detailed research on these supplements and bring the top 6 best supplements in the market for you that are very good for your brain health.

Country Life Coenzyme B Complex SupplementsCountry Life Coenzyme B Complex Supplements
  • Eight essential forms of vitamin b that your body can use.
  • Good for the nervous system and increases your energy levels.
  • It supports your sugar metabolism and converts your food into energy
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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega LiquidNordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid
  • This is one of the best selling Omega 3 supplements in the US
  • 14 + clinical studies behind this supplement.
  • It comes in lemon flavor
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Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 LiquidSource Naturals Vitamin D-3 Liquid
  • Improves the muscles of older people
  • Vitamin D is very healthy for the bones and some other 1000 tissues of your body.
  • They are proudly manufactured in the USA.
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Thorne Research - Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder SupplementThorne Research – Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder Supplement
  • It is proudly made in the USA.
  • It is free from gluten and allergic dairy products.
  • It gives your energy and improves your heart and lung health.
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Life Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract SupplementLife Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract Supplement
  • It is made of 100% organic Ginkgo biloba tree extract.
  • It improves your cognitive health and brain functioning.
  • All the products of this brand are certified by independent third-party organizations.
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Klaire Labs Mood Probiotic Powder supplementKlaire Labs Mood Probiotic Powder supplement
  • The probiotic formula that improves your gut-brain health.
  • 5 billion CFUs in its 30 sachets.
  • It improves your mood and boosts your immunity.
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1.  Country Life Coenzyme B complex Supplements

Country Life Coenzyme B complex Supplements

It is a family-owned business that was founded in 1971 and they were committed to providing their customers with the original organic supplements that are away from all harmful chemicals. The company aims to provide a safe and helpful space for wellness education as well as natural products – including multivitamins, minerals, skin care, and fitness optimization.


  • Brand:  Country Life
  • Form:  Capsules
  • Size: 60, 120, 240
  • Range:  Adult
  • Supplement type:  Vitamin-b
  • Specific ingredients: Sugar Metabolism, Energy Production


The Coenzyme B-Complex from Country Life is a top-of-the-line supplement. Compared to other folate supplements, Quatrefolic is metabolized directly in the body, bypassing the body’s tedious conversion process to provide folate that can be used immediately. Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12), a highly active form of the vitamin, is also an important component.

This product also contains phosphatidylcholine, inositol, and a-lipoic acid along with the eight B vitamins in every two-capsule serving. In this way, these ingredients facilitate cellular energy production.  Aside from GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free certifications, Country Life’s products are made with renewable energy, leading to an environmental win.

The best thing about this brand’s supplement is that it comes at a very budget price as compared to all other supplements in the market that are very expensive and if you are a normal earning person then you can’t afford them so, this supplement is for the people who are on a budget.

  • There are eight essential forms of vitamin b that your body can use.
  • It supports your nervous system and increases your energy levels.
  • It does not have any dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, egg, shellfish, tree nuts and is Non-GMO
  • The levels of Vitamin B6 in this supplement makes it unsafe for the people.


2.  Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid

Nordic Naturals’ founder and CEO Joar Opheim grew up in Arctic Norway, where the brand began. Joar has noticed that the pure cod liver oil Norwegians rely on for health is nowhere to be found in California, where he was studying for his MBA. Every time he returned to the United States, he brought with him one extra suitcase filled with bottles of fish oil to share with friends.

Joar founded Nordic Naturals in 1995 based on his deep desire to share the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids with others, and this desire still drives the company today.


  • Brand:  Nordic Naturals
  • Form: Liquid
  • Size: 4/8 fl oz
  • Range:  Adult
  • Flavor:  Lemon
  • Color: Multi
  • Specific ingredients:  Docosahexaenoic acid, Fish Oil


The importance of omega-3 fatty acids cannot be overstated. Mood regulation is another important function of omega 3 fatty acids, in addition to supporting healthy metabolism, skin, and hormones. Supplementing with high-quality fish oil might be wise if you don’t eat two to three servings of fish per week.

Dopamine levels can increase when omega 3 fatty acids are supplemented in animals. Due to the higher levels of EPA and DHA in a serving of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid supplement, we chose this supplement over their capsules.

It may not be an optimal choice for everyone to take fish oil supplements in liquid form, so if you are more likely to be compliant with capsules, we suggest you skip the liquid form. Wild-caught fish is used in every Nordic Naturals product, and all of our products are non-GMO and third-party tested, meaning they surpass the strictest international standards for quality and purity.

There are some people that might be thinking about the flavor but we want to assure you that there are no additives in these supplements. These are made of 100% natural products that would be very beneficial for you. This supplement is not only good for your brain but it also boosts your immunity and is very good for your eyes too.

  • This is the one of the best selling Omega 3 supplement in the US
  • There are more than 14 + clinical studies behind this supplement.
  • It is a 100% pure supplement with non-GMO, gluten- & dairy-free ingredients with no artificial colors,
  • It is a pricey product and sometimes your sweat smells fishy.


3.  Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 Liquid

Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 Liquid 

The founder and CEO of Source Naturals, Dr. Ira Goldberg, created the company in 1982 to support health and wellness for all. In those days, formulations that would allow him to maintain his well-being and enhance his life were not available. Nutraceuticals were totally uncommon at the time, and the idea of blending many nutrients and herbs into one formulation was extremely rare. Wellness Formula, the #1 immune support product in the industry, was developed by Source Naturals.


  • Brand: Source Naturals
  • Form: Liquids, Drops
  • Size: 1/2/4 fl oz
  • Range:  Adult
  • Supplement type: Vitamin-D
  • Servings: 5 drops


The Vitamin D molecule interacts with over thirty tissues and regulates more than 1,000 genes in the body, so it is vital not only for bone health but for many other body processes. It remains to be seen if Vitamin D plays a role in mental health disorders and symptoms. A study in animals demonstrated that Vitamin D was protective over the dopaminergic pathway.

Source Naturals Vitamin D3 is perfect for those who have trouble swallowing pills. Each serving of Vitamin D3 liquid drops provides 2000 IU; As long as it is not gluten or corn-free, this product is an excellent option for those with food allergies or intolerances. However, users can adjust the dose directly by adjusting the amount consumed.

This brand has a history of more than 35 years, so they have been delivering high-quality natural supplements to their customers since 1982. Their supplements are proudly made in the USA. They have a manufacturing area in Scotts Valley California.

  • If you are older then this is very good for their muscles.
  • It does not have any yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, or wheat.
  • They are proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • They have a history of more than 35 years.
  • Caps of the bottles are low quality and leak very easily.
  • This is not an organic certified product.


4.  Thorne Research – Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder Supplement

Thorne Research - Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder Supplement

Through testing, learning, and improving health, this brand aims to empower customers to prevent chronic health conditions before they occur, so they can live longer healthier lives. They’re here to help people achieve their health and resiliency goals as they seek new ways to optimize their health and bolster their resilience.

Thorne can define what it means to live healthy with its proprietary, multi-omic Longevity Health Intelligence platform and advanced nutritional formulas


  • Brand: Thorne Research
  • Form: Powder
  • Size: 8.4 oz
  • Range:  Adult
  • Flavor:  Unflavored
  • Color: White


Magnesium intake in the United States is thought to be inadequate for nearly half of the population. In the body, magnesium regulates over 300 different reactions and is essential for the proper functioning of the brain.

Whether magnesium deficiency affects dopamine levels requires further investigation; however, an adequate intake of magnesium has a direct correlation to neurotransmitter production.

If you take One scoop of Thorne’s Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder then it provides 48 percent of the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Compared to other forms of magnesium, magnesium glycinate has fewer laxative effects and is more effective for relaxing the muscles.

Whenever possible, Thorne uses the purest ingredients possible to make its products gluten-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free. The product does not contain dairy, soy, yeast, shellfish, or fish. Moreover, the product is NSF Certified for Sport, which means that it has been verified that over 200 substances that are banned by most major athletic federations are not contained in it.

  • It gives your energy and improves your heart and lung health.
  • It improves your brain functioning and enhances your mood.
  • It is free from gluten and allergic dairy products.
  • It is proudly made in the USA.
  • The flavor of the supplement is not good, so you have to compromise on taste.
  • The product is way too sweet for some people.


5.  Life Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract Supplement

Life Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract Supplement

In addition to selling supplements and vitamins, the Life Extension Foundation facilitates personal growth and development. The organization’s stated goal is to extend human lifespans by discovering cures for diseases and controlling aging. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company was founded in 1980. Las Vegas, Nevada, serves as a call center location for the company. The founders of this company were William Faloon, Saul Kent.


  • Brand: Life Extension
  • Form: Capsule
  • Size: 120 mg
  • Range:  Adult
  • Units:  365 Count
  • Specific ingredients: Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan


Traditional medicine and herbalists have recognized the benefits of Ginkgo for cognitive function. Herbal supplements containing this herb tend to be most effective when they are taken over the course of several weeks.  Many studies have examined how Ginkgo directly impacts dopamine production and overall cognition, but most of these were conducted in animals.

The third-party supplement testing site consumerlab.com advises consumers to be cautious when buying Ginkgo, as it is frequently adulterated. ConsumerLab.com has approved Life Extention’s Ginkgo Biloba extract, so customers can purchase with confidence. Vegetarian and Non-GMO certified, this product is suitable for vegetarians.

The brand’s formulas have been developed for over 40 years using the latest scientific findings and according to the highest standards. A healthier, more fulfilling life is accessible, and rigorous scientific research is the first step in achieving it. There all products are certified by reputable institutions and they are proudly manufacturing them in the USA.

  • It is made of the 100% organic Ginkgo biloba tree extract.
  • It improves your cognitive health and brain functioning.
  • It contains Non-GMO ingredients that are very good for human health.
  • Good reputable brand with experience of more than 40 years.
  • It is an expensive product, so you have to spend a lot of money.
  • There are some harmful additives in this supplement so, consult your doctor before use.


6.  Klaire Labs Mood Probiotic Powder supplement

Klaire Labs Mood Probiotic Powder supplement

Claire Farr, the founder of Complementary Prescriptions, hoped to bring together sister brands ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions under the umbrella of Soho Flordis International (SFI). An executive team coordinated by highly skilled professionals represents decades of scientific, marketing, manufacturing, and sales expertise at Klaire Labs.

A passion for natural healthcare, a belief in premium, professional-grade quality, profound knowledge of nutritional supplements, and a commitment to premium, long-lasting quality were shared by their team. Laurence Labs is regarded highly by even the most discerning healthcare professionals.


  • Brand: Klaire Labs
  • Form: Powder
  • Range:  Adult
  • Units:  30 sachets
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Specific ingredients: Ecologic BARRIER Probiotic Blend


You might have heard somewhere knowledgeable people saying that the gut is your second brain and you might be thinking that how stupid they are but in reality they are genius because they were telling the truth and you there is a direct link between your gut health and brain health. There are many clinical reports that show that this product improves your positive mood.

There are five billion CFU’s in the  30 single serving sachets that would improve your brain and overall health. You don’t need to put these sachets in the refrigerator and you can use it for a long time because it has a long shelf life as compared to the other supplements in the market.

This product has Non-GMO ingredients and it does not contain any allergic dairy products like milk/casein, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, and soybeans. No artificial additives, colors, flavorings, preservatives, sugar, or salicylates.

There are many healthcare practitioners that recommend this product and they have been using this product since 1969 which means they have been in the market for more than 50 years so, this is a great signal that the brand is very reputable.

  • It is a probiotic formula that improves your gut-brain health.
  • This product has 5 billion CFUs in its 30 sachets.
  • It improves your mood and boosts your immunity.
  • It does not contain any dairy allergic products like milk peanuts and some other things.
  • This product has cornstarch which might be allergic to some people.
  • This is an expensive supplement.


Country Life Coenzyme B Complex SupplementsCountry LifeCapsules60, 120, 240Adult
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega LiquidNordic NaturalsLiquid4/8 fl ozAdultLemonMulti
Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 Liquid Source NaturalsLiquid drops1/2/4 fl ozAdult
Thorne Research – Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder SupplementThornePowder8.4 ozAdultUnflavoredWhite
Life Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract SupplementLife ExtensionCapsule120 mgAdult
Klaire Labs Mood Probiotic Powder supplementKlaire LabsPowderAdultUnflavored


Dopamine is one of the most important chemicals in your brain which is directly related to your brain and it affects your mood so, if dopamine levels in your brain are lower then it would increase problems for you. But these are some of the best dopamine supplements that would help you to increase your dopamine levels.

It does not matter if you are a man or woman, both can use these supplements but make sure you should consult your doctors first and make sure to read the description so, there might not be some allergic ingredients in this supplement that would be harmful to you.

Now if you selected the best supplement for you then make sure you buy it from our list because that would help us to get motivated and write worthy content for you.

Thank you for reading.


How can I increase my dopamine levels?
There are many ways to increase your dopamine levels. Some are clinical and others are related to your daily routine, so, we would tell you about the things that you can add to your daily life and improve your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released when people sleep, exercise, listen to music, meditate, and spend time in the sun. The balance between your diet and lifestyle will help your body produce dopamine naturally and will give you optimal brain function.
Is there a pill that increases dopamine?
Yes, there are many clinical pills that can increase your dopamine levels and if your doctor thinks that you need them he will suggest some pills. Mood stabilizing medications and antidepressants are usually included in these pills. Parkinson’s disease is treated with ropinirole and pramipexole, which increase dopamine levels. First-time Parkinson’s patients have often been prescribed levodopa.
Are dopamine supplements addictive?
There are many people that think that if you take dopamine supplements then you might get addicted to those supplements. Dopamine can’t be an addiction, however. The desire for pleasure plays a crucial role in motivating you to seek out enjoyable experiences. You may also experience tolerance to substances and activities, which results in the need to take in more of them to get the same results.
Does coffee increase dopamine?
Caffeine is used to increase alertness and wakefulness because it promotes wakefulness and increases vigilance. The brain signals dopamine (DA) to wake up by enhancing Adenosine A2A receptors, as caffeine does with other wake-promoting drugs stimulants, modafinil, etc. So, the simple answer to this question is that yes, coffee increases the amount of dopamine in your brain.
How do you detox from dopamine?
There are a lot of people who follow the concept of dopamine detox. As a mental detox, it’s a good idea. Simply avoid any activity that is enjoyable to you and stimulates your brain. For example, don’t browse your phone during lunch, don’t watch TV during dinner, don’t listen to music during bedtime, etc.


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