DIM vs I3C – Natural Ways to Boost Your Estrogen Metabolism

Estrogen is an important part of the human body. Estrogen plays a very important role in the fertility and sexual desires of women. There are many women out there who have low estrogen levels this article is very beneficial for those women. In this article, we’ll share the best supplements that will change your life so, read them carefully.

Symptoms of Low estrogen level

Before going further in the article you should know symptoms of low estrogen.

  • Having frequent headaches and migraines
  • If you are having depression, anxiety, or any mental issues
  • Irregular and absent periods
  • There is an increase in your UTI’s(Urine tract infections)
  • Mood swings
  • If you have pain during the sex
  • Breast tenderness
  • If you feel lazy all-day
  • If you are gaining a lot of weight
  • Severe skin acne problem

If you are having these problems then you might be dealing with low estrogen levels. No worries we have two supplements that are having natural ingredients and they are very beneficial to boost estrogen levels.


The full name of DIM is diindolyle methane. DIM is a natural supplement that you can through the vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and watercress. But for the person, it is not possible to eat a lot of vegetables or maybe you find it hard to eat that kind of vegetables don’t worry. There are many supplements out there in the market which can boost levels of estrogens.

  • It is very beneficial for breast cancer or prostate cancer patients.
  • Balance estrogen levels in your body
  • It solves the acne problems
  • If you have any inflammation in your body then it also helps in that case because it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is very beneficial in your weight loss
  • It prevents all viral infections of your body
  • If you are very sensitive then don’t try without a doctor’s advice.



I3c is the abbreviation of indole 3 carbinoal. This is also a natural compound that helps the body to balance the levels of estrogen. This is also a plant-based chemical that you can get through green vegetables like broccoli etc. But the thing is if you want a suitable amount of this chemical you have to eat a lot of vegetables so, the easiest solution is to g for the i3c supplement because with just one capsule you got the amount of chemical needed to balance the estrogen levels of your body.

There is a lot of estrogen production in the human body due to the unhealthy lifestyle we all are having nowadays.

  • Natural plant-based product
  • It is very beneficial for cancer prevention
  • It is anti-estrogen
  • It enhances your mood
  • It stops the hair loss
  • It is good for women dealing with insomnia
  • It also increases the libido levels
  • It gives your body the energy that needs for your daily work.
  • It can cause skin rashes and diarrhea.
  • In some people, it can cause nausea


Natural ways to increase estrogen

There are many natural ways to increase your estrogen levels of which we’ll here discuss with you.

Flax seeds

This is the first natural way to increase your estrogen levels without any supplements. The chemical in the flax seeds is lignans. These are very beneficial for the treatment of breast and prostate cancer and to prevent spreading the cancer virus in the body.

Vitamin D

This is another way to boost the estrogen levels in the body. In the body, the vitamin D and estrogen work with each other for a great cardiovascular system. Some studies show that intake of estrogen levels can be very beneficial for the woman dealing with low estrogen levels.

Red clover

Red clover is another natural remedy to boost the estrogen levels in the body. The red clover contains isoflavones which are very beneficial for the body.

There are many studies on the red clover that shows that adding this to your diet can increase the estrogen levels in women.


Soybeans are also a very important product for women who are dealing with estrogen problems. Many clinical types of research show that soybeans work with the estrogen receptors as estrogen.

The research on the breast cancer patient shows that by giving him soybeans there is a significant change in the estrogen levels.


There is a long history of i3c which is very beneficial for lower estrogen levels but there is another herbal solution of estrogen balance that is DIM. So, both play a very important role in estrogen but there are more studies needed to be done in these fields of estrogen.


What is the difference between dim and indole 3 carbinol?
The difference between the DIM and the indole 3 carbinol is that indole 3 carbiol of i3c can be derived through the vegetables like broccoli and cabbage but the DIM produced when I3c is broken down in the gut of the human body.
Does indole 3 carbinol lower estrogen?
Many clinical studies show that the i3c is very beneficial for lowering the levels of estrogen. It can be very beneficial for patients who are dealing the issues related to breast cancer.
What does dim do for a woman?
DIM is very beneficial for the balance of estrogen levels in women. It enhances the overall mood. It is very beneficial for all viral infections and also stops the cancer bacterias to spread all over your body. It also reduces the severe acne from your skin.
How long does it take for the DIM supplement to work in your body?
It depends on your body many patients can see the difference within one or two weeks while for others it can take a month. But it is advised that you should use DIM at least for 90 days to see the performance.

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