Cebria vs Prevagen: Which one is better? – In 2021

One of the most common problems that occur when we are getting old is memory. We start forgetting about things and the position gets worse day by day. At that time we need supplements that can improve our memory and there are many supplements in the market.

All these supplements are self-claimed best supplements but there are two best supplements in the market that are also called nootropics. The two best nootropics in the market are Serbia and prevent.

But there are some people that want to know that which are the best in these nootropics so, in this we are going to compare these two supplements and find out which supplement is the best.

1.  Cebria Ultra Brain Supplement

Cebria Ultra Brain SupplementIf you are getting old and because of that you forget things and you are very irritated of your this problem then this Cebria Ultra Brain Supplement is for you because it is one of the best supplements that improve your memory.

The best zebra has the Neuropeptides that are responsible for making the connection strong in your brain neurons. When you are getting old the neuropeptides in your body starts diminishing and that is why you start forgetting things.

The main ingredient in this thing is ashwagandha which is an ancient medicinal herb that is used for centuries to improve brain functionality. There are many clinical types of research that are on the ashwagandha and after that year of research on this herb, the company makes the KSM-66 which is very good for brain functioning.

It is manufactured in the USA by TheraBotanics supplements and they follow all the good manufacturing practices that are needed to get of FDA. This Cebria is made full of the natural ingredients that are used for centuries that is very it does not have any side effects.

  • Ancient Ayurvedic methods to improve your memory
  • It gives your mind sharpness and clarity
  • The well-reputed brand with high-quality products
  • Worth the money
  • It has no harmful effects
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Expensive


2.  Prevagen Improves Memory Regular Strength

Prevagen Improves Memory Regular StrengthIt is another one of the best natural supplements for your memory improvement. If you are fed up with your habit of forgetting things in the daily life routine then you should take the prevalent improves memory regular strength supplement because it will improve your problem of short-term memory.

There is a chemical called Apoaequorin which is found in some kind of jellyfish and according to the researches it has many benefits on the human brain so, when you are forgetting the small things in your routine you have a deficit of a certain kind of brain protein and that is what you get from this supplement.

There are many surveys that show that the prevalence is one of the best-selling mind health supplements in America that means you can trust this supplement because it has more than 5000 positive reviews on Amazon. It is a very small vegetarian capsule that you can take once a day.

  • Best selling brand in America
  • It helps to improve your memory
  • It improves your focus and clarity
  • It has gone through many safety testing services.
  • The small capsule that is very easy to swallow
  • Some people claim that this product cause the sleeplessness
  • It has artificial flavors



Cebria is the world’s most known natural supplement that is targeting human brain health. The company is operating for more than 25 years and it is using the old ancient ayurvedic techniques to cure brain functioning. The prevalence is using the chemical that is found in some special kind of jellyfish to cure short-term memory issues.

Mostly the prices of the supplements that are related to brain functioning are not very cheap but the prices of these supplements are very cheap but if we compare these two supplements then the prevalence is cheap than Serbia.


Both supplements are very effective in their own field and they both are the leading brand of brain health function. The best supplement for brain health depends on your body because there are may be many persons for whom the Prevagen would be the best while for some others there would be Serbia best because it depends on your body condition.

These both are very beneficial


Does prevagen really improve memory?
No, the prevalence is not effective nowadays. There is a report published by the Federal Trade Commission that says that the Quincy Bioscience is false and lies we don’t need to trust them and it is not effective on the single cognitive skill out of nine. So, it has zero effect.
Do pharmacists really recommend prevent?
Yes, there is a good number of doctors that recommend the prevalence if you are dealing with short-term memory, and to be exact the number is 73%. But after the report of the Federal Trade Commission, there are many doctors that are going on the other supplements.
How much does prevent cost?
Prevagen is very famous for its effectiveness for brain functioning and it is not very costly. The price of the proven products on Walmart is $45 and if you do not want to buy from Walmart then still you can get it from any other platform under the $50.
Is banana good for brain?
Yes, banana is very useful for the brain because it has Vitamin B that helps your brain to be more focused. There are many types of research that say that if you give the child banana regularly then it helps his brain to function properly and they can get more efficient in their studies.


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