C4 vs. no Xplode – Which one is better?

There are many youngsters who want to build their muscles but after so much hard work they are not able to get them. There are some activities that play important role in muscle-building like pull-ups and pushups but for that, you need a good supplement that can push your limits and help you in building muscles.

There are many supplements that can help you to build the muscles faster but the questions that which one is the best there are many self-claimed best supplements in the market but there are two supplements that are really good and have many good reviews in their bucket.

Let’s compare them that which one is better in these two supplements.

1.  BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre Workout

BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre WorkoutIt is the most versatile pre-workout on the list you can use this for any types of workouts and this is the first choice of athletes when it comes to choosing the best pre-workout. We all know that all our body is operated from the mind and this supplement has the full potential to make your mind more focused and clear.

It has Beta-alanine, caffeine, and Creatine that are the key ingredients for muscle growth and strength. The best thing about this pre-workout is that it is available in the seven different flavors that give you the option to select according to your taste buds.

I like the green apple in all these flavors after trying all the seven flavors but you might like the other one because everybody has different taste buds. They are available in four sizes of packaging and you can get them in 30 servings per packaging or 60 servings per packaging.

Side effects

There are some side effects of this pre-workout that are normal and you might feel or not it depends on person to person. Most commonly the side effects are sleeping problems, headaches, high blood pressure because you are getting a high amount of energy.

You can also have some digestive issues but these are very common issues that are not very problematic but if you have a cardiovascular problem then you don’t need to use it because in that case, it might cause a heart attack in some worst cases.

The best practice is to use this product after consulting your doctor.

  • It gives you a good amount of energy
  • Improves your focus
  • It has seven different flavors
  • It helps you to increase your muscle size and strength
  • It has a very bad after taste


2.  C4 Original Pre Workout Powder

C4 Original Pre Workout PowderC4 is one of the most trusted brands in America which is operated since 2011 and in these 10 years they have made their name in the supplement industry. We were going through the reviews on Amazon about this pre-workout and we were shocked that there are more than 26 thousand reviews on the product and most of them are positive ones.

It has the ingredients like Teacrine, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine-1.6g, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate-1g, Creatine Nitrate-1g, and Caffeine -150mg in it that makes sure that you remain energetic and you have the strength to do the hardcore workout.

The caffeine in the C4 is responsible to give you the right amount of energy that is needed for the workout while the creatine is responsible for the strength so, you can lift the heavyweights in your workout sessions.

It has eight tasty flavors for a person like me who doesn’t like the pre-workouts that are tasteless so, try the eight of them and then choose according to your buds.

Side effects

When you are starting any kind of pre-workouts you should have in mind that there are many side effects that you can feel. The most common side effects are jitters, headaches, digestion problems, cramps, anxiety, and insomnia.

These are some common effects that you can feel and if you feel these symptoms for a long time then you need to go to your doctor. If you cannot bear the high amount of caffeine then C4 has two other pre-workouts for you that are C4 Ripped and C4 ultimate you can also check them.

  • It has caffeine that gives you the right amount of energy for a workout
  • Creatine gives you strength
  • It has eight different flavors
  • It helps you to grow your muscles
  • You might feel jitters after using this pre-workout


Comparison, C4 vs. No Explode

Well reputed Brand

C4 and No explode both are very famous brands in the market that is why we have selected these for the comparison. If we see them on the only one market Amazon then the No explode has 7374 Reviews and most of them are good while the C4 has 4660 reviews on Amazon and they are also very good.

So, if we look from this review ratio then the No explodes is clearly winning that the BSN No explode is the most famous supplement brand in the market.


This is a very important thing when you are going to purchase the powder supplements because you have to drink it with shakes or smoothies and if they did not mix properly then it will ruin the smoothie and also your money too because you are not going to mix it and drink it again.

We read many reviews and talk to many bodybuilders and according to them, there are many people that recommend the No explode because it mixes well in the water or any drink while the C4 takes time to mix in the water. So, no doubt in mix-ability the No Explode is better than the C4.


In my view it is the most important part of the pre-workout because a good pre-workout should have good taste otherwise you can’t drink it daily. Both the brands are aware of this fact that’s why they have a good range of flavors in these pre-workouts.

There are 13 flavors of the C4 and 7 flavors of the No explode that all are very good in taste so, we can say that in this comparison the C4 wins with the 6 flavors more than the No explode.


They both pre-workouts are the leading brands in their industry and both have their benefits. We have reviewed both and talk to the trainer and bodybuilders who were using these pre-workouts. Both have equal votes in their buckets that mean they both are good.

But if you are looking for more choices in flavors then your first choice should be the C4 because it has 13 flavors but if you are looking for the pre-workout that has a good mix-ability then you need to go for the No Explode because it is better in mixing.

One thing that makes No explode a better choice than the C4 is because the C4 is banned in many sports due to an ingredient in it so, if you ask us then we might say that the No explode is the better choice.


Is NO Xplode a good pre-workout?
Yes, the pre-workout is one of the best workouts on the market that has all the ingredients that give you a good amount of energy and also the strength to do all the exercises. These all are the qualities of one of the best pre-workouts in the market.
Why is C4 banned?
It has a banned ingredient which is called synephrine. There are many authorities that find out that if you are consuming this pre-workout before a match then you might have an edge on your opponent and that is not right that is why it is banned for many sports.
What is the most dangerous pre-workout?
The pre-workouts that are very dangerous for you are the ones that ahs the jittery effects, or those cause high blood pressure because in severe cases the high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack. So, you should avoid all the pre-workouts that cause high blood pressure.


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