Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil – The Benefits and How It Works

The first very important thing before moving on to any other discussion is to know what exactly is a brain octane oil? First of all, brain octane oil is an MCT oil and it is called C8. That’s because it includes C8 (Caprylic Acid) only in it, which is considered to be the top ingredient for energizing your brain.

Octane oil is a triglyceride derived from coconuts that contains beneficial fats. It’s referred to as a Medium-Chain Triglyceride or MCT. As it contains caprylic acid which is easily digestible, so your body is able to use it more efficiently. Also, caprylic acid is the only ingredient contained in Octane oil.

BulletProof’s Brain Octane Oil

Now, what a brain octane oil basically does is, improves your ketone levels and provides you energy for the rest of the day. It is totally flavorless and odorless in order to facilitate its addition to any kind of drink you like. It does not affect the original taste of your drink, and at the same time, helps greatly in boosting up your body’s energy levels.

What Is Brain Octane Oil Used for?

A medium-chain triglyceride, Octanoic acid is said to effectively boost cognitive function and boost brain power while losing weight because it produces ketone energy. Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil is made from coconuts, and it transforms into fat-burning and brain-enhancing ketone energy.

The supplement also controls cravings and improves memory to keep you alert. Moreover, it is not flavored at all, so it can be added to your drinks, smoothies, coffee, or even in salads.

Let’s get into further details of Brain Octane Oil and how amazing it actually is.

Getting to Know MCTs

Before getting into the details of brain octane oil, it is important to have a basic knowledge of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

Triglyceride means fat in simple terms. In addition to being stored as body fat, triglycerides can be used for energy. Three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule are present in every triglyceride.

Traditional diets typically consist of long-chain fatty acids as their main source of fat. So, among fatty acids, four main MCTs or you can simply say medium-chain fatty acids are:

  • C6
  • C8
  • C10
  • C12

Now, why are MCTs being used in brain octane oils? MCTs are easily broken down by your body and absorbed since they are short-chained. You absorb MCTs directly from your liver. Once they’re there, it’s easy to use the MCTs as an energy source or to convert them into ketones. When fat is broken down by your liver, ketones are released.

Coconut oil, for example, contains MCT. As a result of their unique metabolism, they’re not the same as long-chain triglycerides found in other foods.

There are two main types of medium-chain triglycerides: C8 and C10 triglycerides. However, it is also possible for MCT oil to contain both.

Importance of MCTs

MCT oils are important for many great reasons. Some of the most effective benefits of MCTs include:

  • MCTs are great sources of energy.
  • The keto diet, which is low carb and high fat with moderate protein, might help you achieve better brain function due to the presence of MCTs, which produce ketones.
  • Recent research has shown that MCTs can improve memory, learning, and processing of information in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.
  • Probably because of their influence on hormones like leptin, which increases fullness and reduces appetite, MCTs can help you feel fuller for longer. Your body is able to burn fat faster when you eat a diet high in MCTs.
  • Type 2 diabetes patients with MCTs may improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Due to the fact that MCTs can easily be absorbed by the body, they can be helpful in treating conditions such as diarrhea and liver diseases.

With all these amazing facts about the MCTs, you might have now understood that why is Brain Octane oil an MCT oil. Let’s move on to some facts about Brain Octane Oil.

Brain Octane Oil – The Benefits

Brain Octane Oil – The Benefits

Here are some worthy benefits of Brain Octane Oil.

  1. Acts as a Brain Booster – Octane oil is a source of fast energy that enhances both mental and physical performance. Ketone energy is created quickly as a result of its metabolism. In comparison to other forms of energy, ketones don’t cause a crash as it is a cleaner form of energy. Also, the supplement boosts your cognitive function, and it keeps you feeling full and at no risk of food cravings.
  2. A Sugar-Free Energy Source – It is not only sugar-free, but it also does not contain any kind of odor or taste. It is completely tasteless and hence, can be added to any favorite drink of yours!
  3. Healthy Digestion – Healthy Digestion is a very important factor to notice when you start any kind of supplement. Compared to plain coconut oil, Brain Octane produces four times as much ketone energy. It maintains not only a healthy digestive system but also a healthy immune system.
  4. Contains High-Quality Caprylic Acid – Oil absorbs quickly and provides immediate energy. Quality fats will give you hours of focus and octane oil is definitely one of them. It contains only Caprylic acid, which is a high-quality fat. So, make sure you take advantage.
  5. Burns Fat Quickly – It burns your body fats in order to produce ketones for extra energy. Coconut oil is used to create Brain Octane MCT oil, which transforms more efficiently into ketones. The oil is suitable for both Keto Diets and Paleo Diets.
  6. Improved Concentration – You may feel fuller if you take Brain Octane Oil each morning. It’s not surprising that people use it for cognitive performance. As the oil crosses the blood-brain barriers, it is believed that it improves your focus and concentration to a great extent.
  7. Reduces Inflammation – Biological studies show that the substances called cytokines secreted by cells may contribute to the reduction or prevention of inflammation through MCT oil. It has been shown that MCT oil boosts the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines while lowering the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  8. Helps in Weight Loss – MCTs give you the feeling of being full, thus helping you control your hunger. It is also effective for improving gut health among obese or metabolically challenged individuals. Healthy diets that include MCT oil boost fat loss even more than healthy diets that use olive oil.

A Great Stimulator for Brain

Brain Octane Oil is a great stimulator that supercharges your brain. Here is how it creates a healthy effect on your brain.

  1. Produces ketone energy that helps boost your brainpower.
  2. Fuels the mind and body with energizing ketones within minutes.
  3. Unlike carbohydrates and sugar, ketones don’t store as much fat in your body.
  4. Caprylic acid, an easily digestible fat, fuels your cells more efficiently within minutes.
  5. You won’t experience energy crashes or cravings.

Is Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Good for You?

A fresh approach to supporting a wide variety of diets for any age is Brain Octane Oil. MCT oil is a modified form of coconut oil, offering several benefits such as increased energy, improved brain and heart health, and helping to maintain a healthy weight for people who are concerned for their healthy and fit bodies.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that Brain Octane Oil is a great supplement for you. But just as in the case of every other supplement, it is important to discuss with your trainer or a health doctor before you start the intake on your own.

Can brain octane oil make you sick?

Well, it depends on your octane oil’s intake amount and how much does your body requires it. An excess amount may cause you problems including an upset stomach, laziness and dizziness, and even a bad taste of the mouth. So, we recommend you start with a half teaspoon of octane oil, and then you may gradually increase the intake according to your body needs and workout routine.

Also, do not forget to consult your trainer.

Different Ways to Add Brain Octane Oil to Your Diet

There is no taste or smell to Brain Octane oil. Coconut flavor isn’t present, so it works well in place of other oils. You have a totally free choice of adding the brain octane oil to any drink that you like. We’ll be discussing a few most common ways that you can use it.

  • Make Bulletproof Tea or Coffee with it
  • Blend into smoothies or shakes
  • Enjoy it over a meal of your choice
  • Make marinades, salad dressings, and sauces with it

Different Ways to Add Brain Octane Oil to Your Diet

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is the most common use of the Octane brain. This is because most people prefer a cup of coffee in the morning before even starting their work or any other activity. Hence, taking the bulletproof coffee in the morning keeps you energized and focused throughout the day.

A keto-friendly, high-energy drink, Bulletproof Coffee helps you feel alert and less hungry while helping you lose weight. With Brain Octane oil, the fat increases the ketone level in your blood, where your body then relies on fat for sustained energy rather than sugar.  A lot of CEOs and athletes use it for a fit yet healthier body.

Here is how you can prepare bulletproof coffee.

  1. A cup of brewed coffee is the foundation of Bulletproof Coffee, so the first step is preparing a brewed coffee. Although it isn’t necessary to use Bulletproof brands, there are some in case you want to consider.
  2. In a blender, combine the Brain Octane Oil with butter or ghee, whatever you would prefer. After blending for about 20-30 seconds, you have a beverage similar to a latte.
  3. Butter is added to Bulletproof Coffee to give it a creamy consistency and to provide you with high-quality fats. Butyrate and vitamin A are also high in grass-fed butter.

Getting started with Bulletproof Coffee is easy with a kit. So, you can just buy a bulletproof kit for your convenience.

Brain Octane Oil Vs Other Oils – Is Octane Oil Better?

Octane Oil is not only different but also way more effective than other oils. Acids C8, C10, and C12 make the main differences in the oils. A lot of the C12 acid in plain coconut oil causes your body not to react with ketosis like it would with C8 acid.

Since C8 is more efficiently converted by the liver into ketones before crossing the blood-brain barrier, it may provide up to four times more ketone energy than coconut oil.

Some Facts About C8 – Brain Octane Oil

Butter, coconut oil, palm oil, and breast milk all contain caprylic acid. Coconut oil only contains around 6% of C8. Whereas C8 (Brain) Octane Oil has an incredible 18x strength of coconut oil and is 100% natural.

As a result, caprylic acid is rapidly metabolized into ketones for use by the brain instead of glucose from carbohydrates or sugar. It follows, then, that (Brain) Octane oil offers better brain performance in comparison to regular (mixed) MCT oils.

Additionally, (Brain) Octane Oil nourishes the digestive system as well as balances yeast. We give so much importance to C8 because candida, or yeast overgrowth in the gut, is linked to many health problems. Candida’s cells die since caprylic acid dissolves their membranes, causing the problems caused by yeast to disappear. Among these problems are:

  • Bloating in the abdomen
  • The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Fatigue from chronic illness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Infections of the mouth and skin

Hence, Octane Oil is definitely better and much pure than all other mixed oils.

Is Brain Octane and MCT Oil the Same?

MCT and Brain octane oil are much alike. Both of them contains Caprylic acid. But the major difference between the two is that C8 MCT oil is Brain Octane oil. Purified and distilled, this oil contains the most ketogenic fatty acids in coconuts. While the MCT oil contains a blend of both C8 and C10 MCTs.

IngredientsContain only C8; 100% pure Caprylic Acid
Extraction TypeThe only pressure is used in the expeller press
FlavorNo flavor
OdorNo odor
Smoke Point320 Degree Fahrenheit
Purification and RefinementWater, heat, and pressure
Recommended UsesCan be added in.

  • coffee or tea
  • Smoothies and other drinks
  • Vegetables or steaks
  • Drizzled over salads


  • Brain fog can be relieved quickly with Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil
  • Keto diet fans can burn fat with it because it digests quickly
  • It is completely flavorless and tasteless so it can be added in any drink or salads
  • Intake without the trainer’s advice or an excess intake may cause serious problems


Our Verdict

If you ask us, the product is great. You might also notice some benefits such as increased energy and cognitive function as a result of using it. Our research shows that this product really works, and it’s totally worth trying. It’s also an easy way to get extra healthy fat into your diet if you’re following a keto diet.

But still, in order to avoid any inconvenience or health issues, we recommend that health care professionals should always be consulted before trying anything new. The same goes for the amazing Brain Octane Oil as well.

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