Best Milk Thistle Supplements – Top 10 Brands reviewed

People all over the world are facing much health and there are many medications for such diseases but using those medicines may have some side effects on other body organs such as if you use medication of diabetes it may affect kidneys so homeopathic or herbal ways are more popular among people nowadays instead of other medicines.

A large number of people are suffering from liver and liver-related problems such as fatty liver, hepatitis C they prefer to use milk thistle than any other medication moreover it also provides heart benefits by lowering cholesterol levels and help diabetes in people who have type 2 diabetes and cirrhosis.

Why someone should use milk thistle?

For hundreds of years, Greek people have been using milk thistle for problems with the liver and gallbladder. The active component of a plant called Silymarin is the primary active ingredient of the herb. Silymarin is an antioxidant compound taken from milk thistle seeds for treatment including cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. As it is an herbal medication it does not have any major side effects any most hepatic specialists suggest milk thrust, some studies also show that people should use milk thrust in daily routine for better performance of their liver and it also lowers down the cholesterol level. Milk thistle is specially prescribed and well known for liver and liver-related disease it does not cure any other diseases.

Milk thrust for Dogs:

Anyone who has a pet, especially a Dog is really concerned about his health, why do I specifically mention a pet dog here? Because all other pets like cat or parrot are easier to control and look after, they are an easy task but you can’t totally control your dog in a matter of hygiene, as dogs love to run faster, they chase things and objects on road, they run behind them, they try to put anything into their mouth they found on-road or home no matter how dirty or unhygienic it is so it will definitely affect your dog’s liver directly. You can’t prevent your dog from ingesting toxins but all you can do is to prevent these toxins from building up in your dog’s system and damaging his liver.

As your dog’s health is your top priority, most people prefer to use herbal medicines for such treatment, as more chemicals may damage kidneys or other organs, then definitely Milk thistle for dogs is one of the best homeopathic remedies that lives up to the hype.

Top 10 milk thistle brand reviews

I have been searching for good quality milk thistle products online for a very long time with affordable prices and good results, so I got some very good top 10 products that have high-ranking customer reviews. Let’s have a look at them one by one

1) Puritans Pride Milk Thistle

Puritans Pride Milk ThistleGeneral features:

Puritans pride milk thistle got ranking 1 on amazon and it is widely used as a liver supplementary dose since 1973. It has antioxidant properties that help to protect liver cells from oxidizing and also help liver cell regeneration. Puritans pride milk thistle has very good results in cell regeneration and repair damaged cells due to toxins. It also has some supplemented vitamins and other ingredients like soybean oils that also help in healing and detoxification, increasing metabolism.


Puritans pride milk thistle comes in form of soft gels, and this is Gluten-free, its other main ingredients are Soybean Oil, Gelatin, and Vegetable Glycerin. Contains <2% of Natural Caramel Color, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide Color.

Dosage instruction:

For adults it is recommend to take one soft gel once or twice a day with meal

  • Gluten free.
  • Easy intake.
  • Essential supplements are added along with milk thistle so you don’t need to buy them separately.
  • The bottle can last for up to 5 months.
  • People having allergies to ragweed can’t use this thistle.
  • People under age of 18 may have adverse reaction.



2) Paradise Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin 

Paradise Milk Thistle 80% Silymarin General features:

Paradise milk thistle is serving us since 1994, giving us the purest extract without any chemical in it, it’s all composed of vegetarian formula, and the natural essence of milk thistle remains intact. This milk thistle is found highly effective for curing hepatic diseases without any side effects, it helps to cure inflammatory liver, help to regenerate liver cells, and remove all stored toxins from the liver without any side effects.


Paradise milk thistle offers high-quality natural milk thistle extract by quality nature by using a 100% natural extraction method the true essence and breadth of the whole herb is captured hence  retaining all of its active and synergistic constituents the way nature intended that’s why this medication have remarkable progress against the hepatic disease

This milk thistle by paradise is extracted using natural ways without using any chemical hence capturing the true essence of the whole herb retaining a highly active and bioavailable concentration of phytonutrients.

Paradise milk thistle is highly concerned about retaining the true nature of milk thistle that’s why they have their own production farms and all the herbs are grown naturally or ethically wildcrafted without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives.

A most important feature of paradise milk thistle is that it comes in packing of vegetarian capsules that are 100% organic hence giving you all herbal products without any chemical.

 Dosage instruction:

1 vegetarian capsule once a day or as prescribed by the doctor.

  • 100% pure and natural milk thistle.
  • Comes in packing or organic capsules.
  • There is no chemical or pesticide used during production.
  • The extraction method is natural and no chemical is used.
  • Can be used by anyone.
  • Do not have any additional supplements.


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3) Herb Pharm Milk Thistle Seed Liquid Extract

Herb Pharm Milk Thistle Seed Liquid ExtractGeneral features:

Herb Pharm Milk thistle is known as one of the liquid milk thistles that is used to speed up recovery of the liver, it also has some supplements that enhance metabolism giving you a better result and a speedy recovery.

This milk thistle is prepared by drying whole seeds of milk thistle.


It comes in a dropper bottle and easy to use it also has some amount of alcoholic due to which it is an easily absorbed liquid that engages your senses of taste and smell to help your body recognize. It is gluten-free and its main components are Milk Thistle, Organic Cane Alcohol, Distilled Water.

Dosage instruction:

It is not used separately but you have to mix it in water or milk, shake the bottle well before use, and 30-40 drops of milk thistle in your drink (water, juice, milk).you can take it three times a day.

  • Can be used by anyone.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • Most people do not like taking supplements in form of liquid.
  • It may have a minor amount of chemicals.
  • It also contains a small amount of alcohol.
  • Liquid may turn cloudy after some time.



4) GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle 1300mg

GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle 1300mgGeneral features:

Herbal plus milk thistle has been serving since 1935 and trying to give high quality pure herbal milk thistle, this milk thistle with a high percentage of active Silymarin is found most effective in curing hepatic disease it can be consumed by different people having some other issues than a hepatic disease as it is in a pure herbal form, people those are on long-term medications/supplements will found this milk thistle more affective. The person on regular consumption of alcohol can take it to detoxify their liver


Its vegetable formula contains no sugar, no artificial color or aroma, and its soy and dairy-free. All you get is only milk thistle with a more active component. They do not add any preservatives to milk thistle. GNC herbal plus milk thistle Supports liver health and help to remove toxins from the body. It also protects the liver against the damage from drugs, excess alcohol, and other harmful substances. It is also found effective to reduce cholesterol by stimulating bile flow. May aid fat digestion slowly and help to prevent the body from storing excess fat

Dosage information:

According to specialists it can be used once a day with water before meals, in lunch or dinner time, the intake of GNC herbal milk thistle is not that effective in the morning as it has a high dose of milk thistle.

  • Diabetic patients can use it.
  • It does not have any side effects.
  • Effective for a person who consumes more alcohol or cigarettes.
  • It is soy-free.
  • Come in form of capsules and easy to intake.
  • Cannot be used by pregnant women having hepatic disease.


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5) Gaia Herbs Milk Thistle Seed, Vegan Liquid Capsules

Gaia Herbs Milk Thistle Seed, Vegan Liquid CapsulesGeneral features:

Gaia Herbs concentrates its Milk Thistle Seed extract under low temperature and low pressure to preserve the important phytochemical Silymarin that’s why it contains highly active silymarin. That promotes healthy liver cell production and cholesterol metabolism in individuals with already normal cholesterol levels. It comes in a bottle having 60 supplements. Other ingredients include Capsule (vegetable cellulose), Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin (non-GMO)


Gaia Milk Thistle Seed is extracted under low temperature and low pressure to preserve the important phytochemical Silymarin making it more effective, Good thing about Gaia milk thistle is that its capsules disintegrate after 10-12 minutes of ingestion its liquid extract caps are more easily digestible and absorb into the body far faster than raw plants or powdered herbal preparations.

Dosage information:

According to the instructions, adults can take 3 capsules at night after a meal, but you can take 1 capsule with each meal having a total of three capsules in a day.

  • Easily digestible after ingestion.
  • Also helps to control diabetes.
  • Contain 80% silymarin.
  • Capsules are made of vegetable cellulose.
  • Cannot be used by children, pregnant or medically ill persons.
  • May cause allergy.



6) Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle

Jarrow Formulas Milk ThistleBasic features:

Jarrow Formulas milk thistle is a highly concentrated, effective extract of milk thistle that Supplies a Standardized 30:1 Extract Yielding 80% total flavonoids in a pure form that Boosts Immune Response in Clinical Trials, it is proved to be most effective for liver diseases such as liver inflammation, fatty liver or oxidation of liver cells.


It contains an 80% pure amount of Silymarin along with additional supplements such as cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and silicon dioxide. Capsule consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose. Hence it is one of the Concentrated Extract of Milk Thistle along with the protection of liver cells it also Supports Glutathione, the Body’s Major Antioxidant.

Dosage information:

An adult can take 1 to 3 capsules per day with each meal or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

  • No wheat, soybeans or dairy products are used.
  • Effective for diabetic patients too.
  • Easy intake form, capsules.
  • May cause allergies to some people that are sensitive for high dose.

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7) Max Strength 4X Concentrated Extract 4:1 Milk Thistle

Max Strength 4X Concentrated Extract 41 Milk ThistleBasic information:

Maximum Strength Milk Thistle is 4X Concentrated Milk Thistle Extract that is equivalent to 1000 MG of Milk Thistle per vegetable capsule. This comes in a glass bottle containing 200 capsules.


Its main ingredients are Milk Thistle Seed Extract 250 mg (Silybum marianum) with a ratio of 4:1 Extract that is equivalent to 1,000 mg of Milk Thistle. Other Ingredients include Vegetable Cellulose (capsule) and rice flour main formula has only three ingredients, no additional supplements or vitamins are added, giving you all pure milk thistle with maximum concentration so you can get good results. It can effectively help in curing damaged liver cells, prevent cells oxidizing, enhance cell regeneration, also effective for diabetic patients.

Dosage information:

An adult can take only one capsule per day, do not take the maximum dose as it may cause a reaction, if you want to take an extra dose you should contact a qualified health care professional.

  • It does not have additional supplements.
  • Purest and concentrated formula.
  • Do not have any chemicals.
  • It has many side effects like loss of appetite, nausea, and allergic skin reactions.
  • High dose doesn’t suits on everyone.



8) Organic Liver Cleanse & Detox – Milk Thistle Extract

Organic Liver Cleanse & Detox - Milk Thistle ExtractGeneral features:

Pre co tends to manufacture supplements to the highest possible standards. According to Gmp-certified, they utilize the most stringent quality control measures to ensure producing the same healthy ingredients in every vegan capsule. Plus, none of their products contain yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, sugar, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, or hydrogenated oils. The supplements come in form of capsules in a glass bottle.


These milk thistle capsules are meant to help liver cleansing, along with detoxification, cell regeneration, reducing liver inflammation by removing extra fats, they only have herbal ingredients such as Organic Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silymarin) 300 mg Organic Dandelion Root Extract 200 mg Organic Yellow Dock Root 100 mg Organic Artichoke Leaf Extract 100 mg, other ingredients include Plant Capsule (Pullulan), Organic Rice Concentrate.

Dosage information:

Take 2-3 capsules in a day or prescribes by any medical professional, do not take the extra dose for better results it may because of serious reactions. You can take a dose with a meal or anytime you want to have it.

  • It has only three ingredients.
  • It does not have gluten, soy, or dairy products.
  • Comes in form of capsules, easy intake.
  • May cause allergy or loss of appetite.
  • Can affect digestion.

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9) Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations General features:

Pure encapsulations Silymarin is a highly concentrated milk thistle extract designed to nutritionally support normal liver functions and cure liver disease such as liver inflammation, liver detoxification it also enhances Protein Synthesis in the liver. If we talk about its main feature it is made with only premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and guided by nutritional experts, then carefully manufactured and tested to verify their potency and purity, before packaging it passes many testing procedures to give maximum quality.


Pure Encapsulation has only pure ingredients to give effective formula ingredients include Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) extract (seed) 250 mg and a Vegetarian capsule of cellulose and water. Pure Encapsulations products are hypoallergenic and meticulously formulated using pure ingredients designed to deliver predictable results for the benefit of all patients, even the most sensitive.

Dosage information:

As it is a dietary supplement so you can take 1 capsule, 1-4 times daily, between meals.

  • It has a dietary formula.
  • Do not have major side effects.
  • Do not have allergic reactions.
  • Come in form of capsules.
  • Can be used if you don’t have the hepatic disease.
  • Slow results as it does not contain a high dose of milk thrust.
  • Not much affective for speedy recover.



10) Solaray Milk Thistle Seed Extract 175mg

Solaray Milk Thistle Seed Extract 175mgGeneral features:

Solar milk thistle has been used for many years for the protection of the liver, it comes in a bottle with 120 veg capsules, its main feature is the addition of some extra substances along with milk thistle to make it more effective such as cellulose, rice flour, and turmeric. So it will help in liver inflammation, will control free radicle cells that oxidize liver cells and promote regeneration, turmeric will enhance the activity by its healing properties.


Solar milk thistle has been made with all pure and natural herbal extracts, no chemical has been used in any method. Their main ingredients are Milk Thistle seed extract along with other ingredients such as Rice flour, vegetable cellulose capsule, magnesium stearate, liver support base (turmeric root extract, dandelion root, artichoke leaf), and silica. They have added additional ingredients to make it a daily dose and enhance its effect, it will show more good progress towards diseases as turmeric is well known for its inhaling properties.

Dosage information:

It is a light dose of milk thistle so it can be used3-4 times a day with a glass of water with every meal.

  • It also has turmeric, rice flour and silica.
  • It can be used in daily life as it has no major side effects.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It shows slow recovery.
  • Not much affective for extreme liver damage.


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Is milk thistle good for fatty liver?
Yes, studies have shown that milk thistle active component Silymarin, has anti-inflammatory properties that will help to reduce liver inflammation, it also helps to detoxify and reduce liver damage by free radicals.
Is milk thistle safe for dogs?
Milk thistle is a herbal medication that is used for ages for detoxification and definitely, it is safe for dogs, but throughout studies does not ensure that it is safe for lactating and pregnant dogs, so avoid using this on these dogs except suggested by your vet.
Does milk thistle have weight loss benefits?
most people think that milk thistle can actually help in weight loss but it has no impact on losing weight, and scientific researchers didn’t found it helpful for weight loss at least for time being. However, its potential liver-protecting effects can help to make it a useful adjunct for people who are overweight or obese. But it can help to remove fat that is deposited in liver tissues hence indirectly helping in weight loss.
What are the best extracts for milk thistle?
Milk thistle is extracted from a plant called milk thistle and its herbal remedy is known as milk thistle extract. This extract has a high amount of silymarin (between 65–80%) which is the active and main component that has been concentrated from the milk thistle plant. Silymarin extracted from milk thistle is known to have antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Does milk thistle helps to lower cholesterol?
it is not suggested by doctors that milk thistle can low cholesterol level but researches have shown that people who are taking a dose of milk thistle have low cholesterol level as compared to others, as milk thistle is known for curing liver inflation or another liver disease so it may have an indirect effect to lower cholesterol level.
Best time to take milk thistle?
There is no specific time for intake of milk thistle many people take it early morning and before going to bed at night and getting the best results. The biologically active compound of milk thistle eliminates after 8 hours but time may vary for other components, so most clinical researches have suggested that you should take milk thistle thrice a day.
Best way to take milk thistle for Dogs?
Giving a dose of milk thistle to your dog is not an easy task you can give this dose by mixing with wet foods or mixing it into a tablespoon of peanut butter, the most effective way is using it along with a bone broth, you can get bone broth from any store or make it at your home, some brands also offer milk thistle biscuits.
Why milk thistle is used for dogs?
Milk thistle is an herbal treatment for detoxification of the liver, active component of milk thistle is Silymarin that is known as a detoxifying agent for ages, along with detoxification milk thistle also stimulates the repair of damaged liver cells, reduce liver inflammation, and prevent oxidation of healthy liver cells.
Is it good to milk thistle every day?
Most people think that it is good to give milk thistle to their dog daily because dog keeps ingesting toxins in different forms regularly so giving them milk thistle will keep detoxifying toxins, but you shouldn’t milk thistle your dog for more than 3-6 weeks if you feel that further treatment is needed you should wait for 2-3 weeks before re-dosing it.
What is the effective dosage of milk thistle for Dogs?
milk thistle is regarded safe for dogs, but its dosage depends upon some factors such as the infection level, in general detoxification a low dosage is recommended. Normally 2-5 mg per pound is suitable for 3-6 weeks in a year but dogs with higher infection and chronic disease need a higher dosage of 20mg per pond, before giving such a high dose to your dog it will be better if you visit a veterinary doctor.

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