Benefits of Lithium Orotate: According Psychiatrist

A chemical that is made of lithium and orotic acid is called lithium orotate. Lithium is a chemical that is used for psychotic medicines and the orotic is a substance that is naturally produced in the body. It is a natural supplement that is used by many psychiatrists for the treatment of mental disorders.

The psychiatrist uses this lithium orotate as the replacement of lithium to cure bipolar disorder. There are many other benefits of the lithium orotate which we’ll describe here



Many people are suffering from this disorder in which they can’t control their drinking habits and that is not good for their personal and professional life. Most the psychiatrist use lithium orotate to treat this disorder.

Alzheimer’s disease

This is another very serious disease in which the thinking and memory of the patient are affected and that slowly affects their overall life. The psychiatrist recommends treating this disease with lithium orotate.


This is the most common disorder in adults. This disease is kinda healthy until it got severe then you need to go to the psychiatrist. The treatment of the anxiety can be also done through lithium orotate.

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder

Most of the children go through attention deficit -hyperactivity disorder. In this disorder, the children are not able to control their emotions without knowing the consequences of it which might be very harmful to them. The medicines used to treat ADHD have also included lithium orotate.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

This is also a very severe type of disease that mostly affects the social and personal life of the patient. This disorder happens due to some bad past experiences. The patient is not able to express his/her feeling and can’t trust anyone. The Psychiatrist recommends the treatment through the lithium orotate.


A severe headache on one side of the head is called a migraine. There are many causes of migraine-like stress, depression, or some hormonal changes that can also cause migraine. The lithium orotate is also very beneficial in curing the migraine.


This is a disease related to the eye. This disease is caused by the damage of the optic nerve. In most severe cases the patient can go through total blindness. This disease is also cured by lithium orotate.

Bipolar disorder

This is a very dangerous kind of disorder because in this the patient is in the different loops of mood swings. If the patient is feeling happy so he’ll be extremely happy but if he is sad he’ll be very sad means the patient can visit the extreme of all emotions. In some severe cases, the patient can also try suicide attempts. This severe kind of disorder is treated and cured by lithium or lithium orotate.


I don’t know a single person who hasn’t through depression at some stage of his life. Many teenagers are into depression nowadays due to the happy filtered faces of social media which in reality didn’t exist. In a severe form of depression a person can have suicidal thoughts then it should be medically treated through the lithium orotate by a psychiatrist.


This disorder is related to the sleep of the person. A patient with insomnia cannot fall asleep. There are many causes of insomnia which are bad sleeping routines, stress, depression, and anxiety. This can also be treated from the lithium orotate.


Does lithium orotate work?
We have researched extensively and talked to many psychiatrists according to them lithium orotate is very beneficial for many mental disorders like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. And many clinical types of research show the benefits of lithium orotate and that’s why it is used in all psychotic medicines.
How long does lithium orotate take to work?
The working of the lithium orotate depends on your disease but in most cases, the patient can feel the difference within the month with just one pill per day but if you don’t feel the difference you can increase the dosage with two pills and wait for a month again.
Does lithium orotate side effects?
Yes, there are some side effects of lithium orotate. It can cause weight gain for some people. Using it for the first time can cause some nausea, diarrhea, or maybe dizziness but these will be gone after some time. But all these side effects are not severe just short terms and always use the prescribed amount of lithium orotate because the excess of anything can cause harm.
What foods contain lithium orotate?
Lithium orotate is the most common and cheap supplement that is available in the drinking water. You can also get it from wheat, vegetables, and dry fruits. A daily small dosage of dry fruits can improve the health of your brain and can be very beneficial for your overall life.

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